Alsace Food and Drink

Choose from traditional fare or from menus of worldwide cuisine in any one of the many respected eating places in a region of gastronomic awards. However, if you have not yet tried any local specialities, one of the following is likely to find approval.
Baeckeoffe is a meat dish of pork, mutton or beef together with vegetables marinated for a couple of days before being placed between layers of potato and then baked. Or, how about the Choucroute Alsacienne? This is pickled cabbage served with pork sausage. The Flammenkuche, also known as Tarte Flambee, is pastry filled with cream, onions, cheese, mushrooms and bacon. A vegetarian alternative to this is Zweibelkuche or Tarte a l’orgnon. (onion tart) Asparagus dishes feature strongly on menus for a few weeks in late May and also mushroom based dishes in late August. Fish dishes are plentiful and many are prepared from the fresh water catches in the lakes, rivers and streams of the Vosges. Hearty portions of the main course may be followed by a sweet of Tarte Alsacienne; a custard tart topped with any one or a mix of locally grown fruit. Very tasty. Round off your meal with a Munster cheese, known as the King of Cheeses, and helped on its way with a fine fruit brandy together with a bottle of the regions best wine. White wine is the dominant produce and bottled in distinctive tall thin fluted bottles. Naturally, a good red is available too. In most restaurants, “le vin maison”will be a good quality wine. Une carafe is 4-5 glasses and the “demi carafe 2-3 glasses.
The more recognizable wines of the area are Reisling, Gewürztraminer, Muskat and Pinot Blanc. Treat yourself to one marked “Grand Cru” indicating that it is one of the best available. Whatever your choice of menu you will find it presented and served with the typical French respect for the food and the diner. Bon appetit!!